5 Offline Marketing Techniques for Online Businesses

Even if your business is solely online, you can still benefit from marketing offline. There could be a whole slew of untapped customers just waiting for you to announce your presence in your local area.

What’s even better, offline marketing and online marketing do not have to be separate entities. In fact, here are 5 offline marketing techniques that you can use to enhance your online goals.

  1. Business cards. Tried and true, business cards still have their place in the marketing world. If you ever find yourself talking to someone about your business and you hand out a business card, chances are it’s a valid business lead. Keep your cards simple, but include pertinent information such as your name, URL, email address and maybe your social media profiles if you do a lot of interacting that way.
  2. Mailers. Mailers are a more in-your-face type of offline marketing. They are, however, a great way to get noticed. When determining what to mail out, think outside the box. Do not simply mail out a postcard or flier that recipients will immediately chuck into the garbage. Think of something creative or useful for your prospective customers.
  3. Promotional products. Similar to mailers, promotional products are sent out to potential customers. The main difference is that these products come personalized with your business name and information. Choose a product that compliments what your business does. Try to find something that people will actually use, so every time they use it they will be reminded of your business.
  4. QR codes. These special pictograms are really intriguing for people. They elude a sense of mystery and people want to know what they will reveal. Create your own QR code and set it up to lead people to your website, blog or landing page. You can place them pretty much anywhere, from a small flier to a larger poster or even a store window.
  5. In-person events. Big events are a great way to get qualified leads. Find local trade shows or meet and greets and put yourself out there. It is a great way to meet other local businesses in your industry or meet potential customers.

Even for online business, offline marketing has its place. Through the use of business cards, mailers, promotional products, trendy QR codes and live events, you can get your name out there are get even more recognition for your online business.

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