How to Improve Your Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is largely gaining traction as one of the go-to social media sites. It effortlessly, and wisely, combines content sharing with the use of images; two things are huge right now in networking.

If your Pinterest traffic isn’t what you’d like it be, there are ways to improve it. Here are some simple things you can do to boost the traffic your site is getting from Pinterest.

Have original content. Having your content repinned is a great way to get your content out there and build up new followers. However, to be influential and get your content repinned over and over, you want to contribute original, quality content. Write about topics that haven’t been covered often or put a new spin on something that has been overdone.

Pin videos. Since Pinterest thrives on visuals, pinning videos can help boost your viewership. Pin useful videos that that you find on YouTube or Vimeo. You may also want to consider creating your own YouTube videos and pinning those for extra credibility.

Have Pin It buttons on your website. Adding buttons on your site makes it easy for others to share your content. Make your content visually appealing by making sure that your images are eye-catching, but also match your content.

Write your own pin descriptions. When you pin a post, you will see a brief description of the web page. In most cases the description is fine, but sometimes it just doesn’t do the pin justice. Remove the text provided by Pinterest and write your own summary of your content. You get about 500 characters to describe your content, but most people don’t read that far. Write something descriptive, catchy and keep it short.

Add hashtags. Like Twitter, Pinterest makes use of hashtags. Use just one or two hashtags when you write your content descriptions. Use general terms that most people would be searching for to help boost your chances of getting found.

Pinterest is a great social site for promoting your content and your business website. Users are constantly searching for new information and sharing it with their own followers. If done right, Pinterest can be used to drive tons of traffic back to your site. Make your content original, pin videos, take advantage of pin it buttons, rewrite descriptions and use hashtags and you can improve your Pinterest traffic.

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