Repurposing Your Blog Content

Blogging often goes beyond written content. There are videos, infographics and presentations to take advantage of.

I know what you’re thinking. With your busy schedule how are you ever going to come up with all of those different types of content. Luckily, you don’t have to. By repurpose thing your old blog content, you can easily come up with the content for these other formats.

For videos, simply take one of your most popular posts and create a video from it. Your videos do not have to be very lengthy, even a video as short as 2-3 minutes is good. Take the post you want to create a video from and break it up into 3 to 5 main ideas. Write an outline of what you want to highlight for each of your main points. Practice your video ahead of time by recording yourself using your video camera or even a recorder. Once your video is complete, you can upload it to YouTube, share it on your social media networks or share it on your blog.

For an infographic, it may take a bit more work, but still use your old blog posts for the main content. Again, choose a topic that is very popular with your blog readers by looking at your top posts. Think of which could be best turned into a visual story. Make a rough sketch of how you want to tell your story using images. Use a photo editor like Photoshop or Gimp to help you create your final infographic.

A presentation or webinar is also easy to create from existing content. These types of formats are typically longer than a short YouTube video, so it’s best to choose a few of your posts that are on the same topic. Put the content together in such a way that makes sense, bridging the gap between them so that they flow together nicely. Use a slide program such as PowerPoint or SlideShare to create your slide for your presentation.

Many blogs are now using more than just text to deliver their content. If you have enough written content already, then transitioning into these other formats is fairly easy. Take your most popular posts and use the content to create videos, infographics or presentations with ease.

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