3 Things Your About Page Needs to Have

The “About” page on your website or blog has a very important job. It tells readers who you are, what you do and also, what your business can do for them. It may seem like throwing up the relevant information is fine, but jazzing up your About page can really help get it noticed. Here are 3 things you should consider putting on your company’s About page on your site.

A catchy headline. We know that an interesting headline will get your blog posts some much needed attention. The same concept works for your About page. With so many other blogs and websites out there labeling their information page with the same single, 5-letter word, an actual headline can make you stand out and make people want to read about you. Use some sort of call to action such as “Want to Learn More About This Business? Read Here.” Or you may want to go with a little more humor and say something like “What This Crazy Business is All About.” Be creative and come up with something interesting and fun.

Make it about the reader. While the page itself is called”about,” it really is more about what you can do for the reader as opposed to things about you. Your goal with your About page is to persuade the reader why he or she should follow your blog or become your customer. Start your page with information about how you can help your audience and what’s in it for them. You can choose to put some pertinent information about your history, but make sure you tell your readers what the stand to benefit they stick with you.

Follow links. Your site most likely has the standard follow buttons and social media icons in your sidebar. The problem with this is that many people have developed a sidebar blindness; where they kind of glaze over the sidebar because so many of them are set up the same. However, on your About page, the focus is more on your business or yourself, so people are more apt to click those follow buttons when they see them.

On your website or blog, your About page can help you stand out. It can show readers exactly what it is you can do for them by highlighting your positive attributes. Do not make your About page a run of the mill one like everyone else. Make yours stand out by doing one or more of these 3 things to your page.

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