Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your About Page

Having interesting and useful content is a good way to attract and educate visitors. But getting people to read your “About” page will really tell them what your business is all about. Here are some simple ways to bring more traffic to your About page.

  • Add an “About” widget. While a little “about” label on your top menu is easy to overlook, a larger widget right there on the sidebar isn’t as easy. A simple widget aptly named About with a short snippet about your business is prefect. Include a link to learn more, and direct readers to your longer About page.
  • Add an author box to your blog posts. A sidebar widget is useful, but what about the blog readers that get “sidebar blindness”? To remedy this, an author box under each post is essential. Readers who truly care about what you are saying will make it all the way to the end of your posts, and will see the author box.
  • Link to the About page in your comments. If you are interacting with readers correctly, you are already replying to the comments that you get. Use your replies to your advantage. When you reply, there are usually 3 fields to fill out: your name, email and URL. Instead of letting your blog automatically fill in your blog URL, fill in that section with the URL to your About page. If people are commenting on your post, they are already on your blog, making it redundant to direct them to your blog home page.
  • Take advantage of the footer. True, not many people really ready the footer. But there are some that do, so make use of the extra space. If your theme allows for footer widgets, then add one in that is similar to the sidebar widget. If it does not, add a simple hyperlink to your About page, or even a short bio.

Getting blog readers to see your About page is important for maintaining customers. By adding an About sidebar widget, an author box, linking to the about page in the comments or utilizing your blog’s footer, you can direct more traffic to your business’ About page.

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