7 Ways to Makes Sales Using Your Blog

As a business with its own products to sell, you know how important it is to get consumers’ attention. If you have a blog, you should be using it to your advantage. Here are 7 ways to make sales using your business blog.

  1. Add a Hellobar. Hellobar is a thin bar that stretches across the top of your blog. You can add a welcome message, a sales pitch or a call to action. As readers scroll down the page, the Hellobar will stay on the top of the reader’s screen so it is always in their face.
  2. Scrolling banners. I’m sure you’ve heard of banners and widgets. You’re probably already using at least one of them. But a scrolling banner is a little different. Instead of staying put, it scrolls with the reader, always remaining above the fold.
  3. Put it in your content. You already have visitors reading your content, so why not take advantage of that and place ads and offers directly in your content? Place box ads in-between text asking readers to click someone or visit another page.
  4. Use a slider. You’ve probably seen those little popup slider boxes on the bottom corner of blogs. They slide up unexpectedly with some message from the blog owner. These little tools are great for making sales. If you know some basic PHP, use the free plugin upPrev and customize the message to pitch a product or service.
  5. Add a sales letter to your blog. Adding a single sales letter can do wonders for your conversion rate. Make sure that your letter explains your product or service thoroughly and shows your readers exactly what is in it for them. With the right sales copy, you can start converting readers into buyers.
  6. Talk about your business. Readers don’t want to read endless content about your company, but they don’t mind if you blog periodically about your company or what you’re offering. Try to keep the self-bragging minimal, focusing your content on topics that are really useful to your readers. Once in a great while, create a post that offers some information, but also promotes something you are selling.
  7. Offer readers a free webinar. Webinars are popular because everyone is looking for information. They also help to drive new traffic to your site. Think of a topic that is useful for your readers, but make sure that it’s related to one of your products or services. Teach your readers something new, and in the webinar, mention the product or service and watch your sales rise.

As a business, you are always looking for more ways to sell your products or services. If you have a blog, use it to make sales. Pick one, or more, of these 7 tactics to use on your blog and watch your sales start to rise.

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