How to Use Google Suggest to Find Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are great for getting targeted traffic, but if you aren’t utilizing long tail keywords, or keyword phrases, you could be missing out on even more traffic. Short keywords are great, but they can have a ton of competition. Here is how to figure out which long tail keywords you should target using Google Suggest.

First, let’s understand what Google Suggest is. Whenever you type something into Google’s search bar, you get suggestions of other keywords or phrases of other popular phrases that are being searched.

You can take some of the suggestions that are relevant to your article or post and use those. Another option is to take one of the words and run a search query with it. Plug it into the search bar with the “~” symbol in front of it. Google will bold the phrases that are relevant to the word you searched. With a little more digging through the results, you can find other keywords that Google deems relevant to your word. Use these words in your article or post as well to cover all your bases.

The best way to use this tactic is to think in terms of quality versus quantity. Often times, content writers try to stuff their text with keywords, aiming for a certain percentage of keywords. Instead, put the focus on adding only relevant keywords from Google suggest to hit many different words and phrases in the same article.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an overnight success tactic. Like everything else, it takes work to see results. It may take a few months before you see an significant increase in your traffic, but it will happen. To see a change in your traffic, use this tactic on future blog posts. You may also want to go back to previous posts and tweak them to add in relevant long tail keywords.

Using long tail keywords is a great way to increase your organic traffic, and using Google Suggest can help you figure out your target phrases. Plug your keywords into the search bar and see what else Google suggests as relevant searches. Use these to add extra keyword power into your articles and posts.

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