Understanding Google Local’s New Carousel System

For local businesses that want to get noticed online, understanding the new Carousel system of Google Local is a must. Google has made many changes in the last few years to help local businesses get more exposure, so businesses should really aim to get on the carousel. Here is what’s good about getting on Google’s Carousel, and a few things that aren’t that great.

The Good

Being featured on Google Local’s carousel has quite a few advantages. Of course the biggest advantage is that since your business is featured on horizontal scroll on the top of the page, your business will gain much more exposure.

Another advantage of being on the carousel is that it is image-based, taking a picture directly from your Google Local page. This allows visitors to get a glimpse of your business or product right away. It also gives visitors a little information about your business and the ratings you have received through other sites such as Yelp. With everyone being more image-focused, featuring pictures of your business will increase your chances of someone clicking on your link and visiting your website.

The Bad

The carousel is rather big, which results in not much space left on the page. What does this mean? It means that businesses do not make the Carousel; the chances of being seen become lowered. To make it on the Carousel, businesses need to make it into the top 10 local businesses. Gathering a mix of positive reviews and eye-catching images is a good way to increase your chances. However, this won’t guarantee you will make the Carousel. It’s a great place to start though.

Another drawback, though small, is even if your business gets on the Carousel, visitors still need to do more clicking in order to get to your actual website. At the moment, there is no way to directly link a business website to the image in the Carousel.

While these disadvantages may discourage you from trying to make it on to Google Locals Carousel, they really shouldn’t. While it may take some effort to make it to the top of the search, the results will greatly outweigh the effort it will take.

Google Local’s new Carousel system is changing the way local businesses get exposure. If you can’t get your local business into the top 10 for your search, you increase your chances of getting featured on the Carousel. If you manage to do that, you can greatly increase the exposure your business gets and magnify your revenue.

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