10 Components of an Awesome Blog Post

Just about anyone can write a blog post. But truly awe-inspiring, sharable blog posts have 10 things in common. Do your business blog posts contain them?

  1. A catchy headline. The headline is the first thing readers see. It’s what attracts them to your blog on social media. Make it count.
  2. An interesting opening. An attention-grabbing title isn’t going to keep readers on your page if your opening paragraph stinks. Since you already have your reader’s attention, make sure it keep it by crafting a great first paragraph.
  3. Persuasive words. Certain words have more power to convince your readers’ decisions than others. Discover what motivates your readers and use these words within your blog posts.
  4. Even better sentences. If you want a blog post that people enjoy, your sentences better be good. Don’t waste a bunch of time on filler words. Get to the point, and sound good doing it.
  5. Organization. Adding in bullet points, numbers and subheadings make your blog posts easy to read and understand. If these components don’t quite fit in your blog posts, consider bolding the first sentence of each paragraph or point. Make it easy for your readers to know what your main points are.
  6. A story-like feel. Any interesting piece of writing contains an obstacle, a hero and a moral. Use your blog to tell your audience how to overcome something. Be their guidance.
  7. A cool cliffhanger. With strategically placed cliffhangers in your content, you can keep your audience hanging, and keep them coming back for more. Place statements insides your posts, articles or even podcasts and videos that entice your audience to keep tuning in.
  8. An eye-catching image. Bold and beautiful images play to readers’ visual side. Use eye-catching but relevant images to enhance your blog posts. Images are also great for pinning on Pinterest, previewing on Facebook and adding to tweets on Twitter.
  9. A grand exit. You wrote an attention-grabbing title, an interesting intro and some pretty great sentences to follow. The last part of your post should be an effective conclusion.
  10. Sum up your post and reiterate what you are trying to say to your audience.
    Authenticity. Last but not least, always be authentic. Readers know when you aren’t being sincere in your writing.

Not all blog posts are worthy of being shared. Incorporate these 10 things into the posts on your business blog, and you have an better chance of being read and then shared.

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