How to Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate

According to Google, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who only visit one page. Why is this important? If visitors are reading just one page, or quickly bouncing from your site, it means one of two things: that they didn’t find what they needed on your site, or your site was too complicated and turned them off.

Keeping track of your site’s bounce rate can you a lot about how visitors perceive your website. The lower your bounce rate, the more people are sticking around and checking out what else you have to offer. Here are some tips to help decrease your bounce rate.

  • Attract the right visitors. If you’re site is attracting people who are truly interested in your business, they are more apt to visit more than one page of your site. Keep your keywords targeted, write useful meta descriptions and create multiple landing pages for readers to stumble upon across the net.
  • Make your site easy to read. Make your website one that people want to read. It should have some sense of organization, complete with some white space. The text should be easy to read; large enough so that is it legible, in a font that is clear. Also, your headlines should stand out and your colors should not be too distracting.
  • Use a good layout. Besides making sure that your content is easy to read, your layout should be easy to navigate. The menu should be up on top and easy to find. So should the search bar. Keeping your content in boxed-off sections can also help make it easy for you visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • Speed up your site’s page load. If your site takes too long to load, people will quickly click away without ever giving you a chance. In order to speed up your page load times, minimize your multimedia content. You can also set external links to open in new windows and avoid using pop-up ads.

Bounce rate is a very important analytic. The lower your bounce rate is, the better. Decreasing your bounce rate means that people are spending more time on your site and reading even more of your pages. Use these 4 tips to help you decrease your bounce rate and keep visitors on your site longer.

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