How to Find a VA For Your Small Business

Do you ever feel like you just can’t handle it all? Do the daily tasks like phone calls, research, and record keeping seem like they are taking up too much of your time?

If you answered yes, then hiring a virtual assistant can help your small business. Virtual Assistants, or VA’s, can take over some of the mundane, yet necessary, tasks that keep your business running. Here is how to find a VA for your small business needs.

  1. Determine your business needs. The first step to finding someone to help you is to determine what you need help with. What type of relationship do you want with your VA? What type of tasks do you wish to hand off to him or her? Have a set of clear expectations you want from a VA in place before looking for someone.
  2. Ask around. Do you know anyone who uses a VA? If so, ask how they found their assistant. You can also ask if have any other recommendations, maybe a previous assistant that they no longer work with. Getting insider information and recommendations can help you find an assistant that will fit your business needs easier. If getting a personal recommendation is not an option, there are many online job agencies you can look to.
  3. Start slowly. Creating a good business relationship isn’t going to happen overnight. Start by getting to know each other a little better, hopefully you will find you have a connection. If not, consider a trial basis before signing up for something long-term. You want to ensure that the partnership works for both parties before committing to each other for the long run.
  4. Manage your VA well. The beauty of having a VA means you don’t have to worry about everything, all the time. Manage your assistant and delegate tasks, but don’t micromanage. Of course, there will be a learning curve for both of you, but once you get in a good groove and understand each other better, you will no longer have to worry about the work your VA does. If you have to continually check up on your VA or correct their work, then you probably hired the wrong VA for your business.
  5. Keep your important projects to yourself. With that said, if you have pet project that needs to go just right, do not assign it to your VA. No matter how well an assistant works and how well they follow your instructions, it’s not going to be exactly like you would do it.

For a small business, a VA can be a lifesaver. Handing out your everyday tasks to an assistant can save you time and stress, and leave with more time to focus on other projects. Use these 5 steps to help you find the right Virtual Assistant for your business.

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