How to Write Good Copy to Convince Customers

Writing good copy is truly an art. Words have the ability to drum up a response from its readers. Because of this, it’s no wonder that successful businesses are good writing copy. If your online content and advertising material aren’t converting like you want them to, then it’s a good idea to make sure that your copy is written effectively.

3 Things to Keep in Mind

When writing advertising material, some people write as though their audience is already interested in what they are selling. The truth is, they should be doing the exact opposite. Pretend that your audience needs to be convinced. When writing your text, always keep in mind:

  1. You want to get their attention. Good copy grabs its reader’s attention. It starts with a catchy headline and an even better opening.
  2. Tell them why they need to keep reading. Once you get their attention, don’t let them get away. Your copy needs to convince the reader that he needs to keep on reading.
  3. Show them the benefits. Let’s face it, online readers want to know what’s in it for them. Sell them on the benefits of taking a certain action, whether it’s clicking your link, buying a product or trying out a service.

Components of Good Copy

The best way to get a reaction out of readers is to play to their emotions. They are either looking for something to bring them pleasure or take away a pain or problem. Knowing this, good copy plays to these emotions and gets people to make decisions based on what they are feeling. Here are the components of good copy.

  1. The headline. We already mentioned having a catchy headline. A good headline should grab the reader’s attention and evoke some sort of emotion.
  2. Information. Next, you want to give your reader the information they desire from reading your headline. Tell them about your product or service and why they need it.
  3. An invitation to do something. Once you have given the information and told your reader who you can help, you need to get them to take an action. This can be clicking a link or filling out a form.

As you write, ask yourself: Why should the reader keep on reading? Will the content get the reader to click my link? Are my words compelling enough? By making sure your words invoke emotion and are compelling, you can convert more customers.

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