5 Reasons Blog Comments Help Your Business

By now you are well aware that a blog can increases your business’ expose and help bring in more customers. But what you may not realize is that the comments are also important. Here are 5 reasons that encouraging blog comments gets readers involved, and helps boost your business even more.

  1. It helps you get more subscribers. Having a mailing list is essential for online businesses. It gets you an exclusive list of readers who are genuinely interested in your business. To use comments to gather subscribers, add a check box under your comment section to sign up. Another option is using a plugin like Comment Redirect. It directs first-time commenters to a page you created. It can be a thank you for commenting page, or a landing page, with an opt-in form on it.
  2. It helps build your posse. Building relationships within your niche is important. Don’t think of these people are your competition, but rather as your business posse who will support and promote your online content. Use comments to communicate with others.
  3. Reply back, respond, and pose questions. To reciprocate, comment on others’ blogs too.
    It helps you write better. Guarded behind the computer screen, people can be brutally honest. If you happen to get a negative comment, use it as a learning opportunity. You can respectfully defend your stance, but also think about what the commenter is saying. Is there any truth in it? And what can you do to make it better?
  4. It’s social proof. Social proof influences others, shows them what’s going on in an online situation, and helps convince them to follow suit. If your business posse is leaving comments, it will help convince new readers to leave comments as well.
  5. It gives you the opportunity to discover more content. If you use a comments plugin like Comment Luv, it will display your commenters’ recent posts. If your readers come from the same niche, taking a closer look at the posts they are writing can give you many ideas for future blog posts.

Blog comments are beneficial in many ways. They get readers involved, and help boost your business. Encourage comments by asking your readers a question at the end of your blog posts and tell them to respond in the comments. Once they do, keep the conversation going by replying an interacting.

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