Picking the Right Marketing Channels for Your Business

Stop trying to do it all. Yes, there are tons of marketing channels out there, and chances are you don’t want to miss an opportunity. But the truth is, you’re going about it all wrong.

Marketing your small business is most effective when it’s done strategically. What does this mean? It means rather than marketing on the most popular or the hottest channel, you pick the ones that best suit your business and your audience. If done correctly, you can spend half the time marketing, with better results. Here is a look at the different marketing channels and what they can do for your business. Think about how each fits your business plan, and pick the top 3 or 4 that will work best.

Website. This is a necessity, but depending on how you set up your website, it can be more than just an information space. It can function as a virtual brochure, or even a social forum.

Email newsletters. Email marketing is a great way to reach your targeted audience. This takes building a mailing list, but once it’s done you will have a list of people who truly are interested in your business.

Facebook and Google+. Though Facebook has more users, the two platforms are similar in the way they work. Both allow you to share fresh content, which your followers can also like (or +1) and share. They both give you the opportunity to participate in specific groups, or create your own, to reach a more targeted audience. You can utilize both channels, or choose between the two. To decide which to use, pick the one your target audience or ideal customer is on the more. This will take a bit of research, but will benefit you in the end.

Twitter. Great for sharing your blog posts or short pieces of information, Twitter is a
bit more limited in what amount of text you can write. Twitter works best if you are
interacting with others. Retweet, comment, start conversations. It is a great platform for
reaching others, but one that does require some interaction to get the results you want.

Instagram. If your business focuses on physical products, then an image-based channel Instagram is best. Share photos of your products, your business, workers and just things of interest. Create short videos that will engage and interest your followers.Pinterest. Another visual based platform, Pinterest allows you a little more freedom than Instagram. You can pin your products, but you can also pin content from your website or blog. Be sure to share other content as well so that you don’t look spammy. Online marketing is a wide world, with many different options. Rather than running yourself ragged trying to do it all, pick the marketing channels that best suit your business. It will allow you to spend less time marketing, but may yield you even better results.

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