What Hackers Love in a WordPress Site

Any good business website or blog owner knows that protecting your site is a must.

Hackers are everywhere now, and they are all looking for easy ways to get into your WordPress site. And these hackers know exactly what they are looking for. Here are some of the top things hacker just loves to find on the WordPress site.

The use of ‘admin’ as your username. When you first create your admin account, the default username is admin. Hackers love this because getting into your account is halfway done for them. All they have to do is figure out your password.

Easy passwords. Speaking of passwords, using something super easy like ‘pass’ or ‘abc123’ is a big security no-no. These are simple and commonly used passwords that hackers just love for easy access.

Standard error logging messages. Still on the topic of usernames and passwords, you should always customize your login error message. A hacker can tell if he has gotten your username, password or both wrong.

Out of date plug-ins. Updating your plug-ins, and WordPress version, does more than just give you the latest software. Hackers prey on anything out of date because it’s much easier for them to get into.

Out of date themes. Like plug-ins, an out of date theme can let in hackers.

Missing the e-mail validation. If users are allowed to sign up for your WordPress site, make sure that you require an e-mail validation. Skipping this step will make it easier for hackers to get into your site.

Missing security plug-ins. Security plug-ins are like antivirus software for PCs … they are necessary. Hackers are pros at figuring out if your site is missing security and will have a fun time with your site if you are missing it.

Missing Captchas. You know those security tests that ask you to determine the letters in numbers that are jumbled up and disguised within some sort of background? Those are not meant just to frustrate you. They are meant to help determine a real person from a spam bot.

Unsecure hosting. No matter what web host you use, make sure that it’s reputable. Hackers love sites are unsecured.

Every day, hackers are getting into more and more websites. Protect yours by making sure you avoid these top things that hackers love to look for.

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