4 Steps to Increasing Your Facebook Engagement

With billions of users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach more consumers than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many other businesses doing their marketing in the very much the same places you are. In order to stand out, you need to really up your Facebook game. Here are 4 easy steps that will help you increase your Facebook engagement.

Step 1: Offer great content

Consumers tend to pay much more attention to businesses that interact with them, than those who unabashedly advertise their products and services. To avoid this, skip the blatant advertising and opt for offering substance. Post great content from your blog and share useful articles and videos you find on the web.

Step 2: Keep posting engaging content

Social media marketing is like being in a relationship. It takes time and work to make it succeed. Because of this, you can’t just post a few pieces of interesting content and think your work is done. You must continue posting more and more engaging content. Consider this: Facebook timeline are temporary, and within a few hours your post will most likely get buried on most people’s feeds. Make sure you are constantly posting and interacting to get your business the most exposure.

Step 3: Make your content shareable

Part of your goal in using a social media platform like Facebook is to reach new customers. You are a posting great content, so now you want to get your followers to share that content with their friends so that you can gain new followers. Imagine, without sharing content there would be no such thing as post or video going viral. Make it very easy for your followers to share your content. Add social media buttons and placed a call to action at the end asking them to share or like if they enjoyed it.

Step 4: Interact with followers

Social media is just that, it’s social. It’s about connecting with customers and building a mutually beneficial relationship. In fact, many Facebook users will unlike a page if they feel the business is only trying to sell them something. Spend time interacting with your followers. Respond to both positive and negative comments, pose thought invoking questions for your audience or share fun anecdotes. You’ll find the more you interact and the last time you spent trying to advertise, the more effective your time on Facebook will be.

Facebook is the largest social network out there, making it full of potential for online marketers. However, it can quickly become an overcrowded market. Make your business stand out in consumers’ mind by following these 4 easy steps.

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