Should You Automate Your Customer Service?

Automating your customer service can help relieve some of your workload and also improve your customers’ experience. It sounds like a win-win situation, but completely automating your customer service can result in lack of communication, or poor experience for your customers. So how do you find the right balance? Here are some tips that can help you if you are considering automating your business’ customer service.

Start by getting feedback. Before you jump into a complete automated system, start by getting feedback from your employees and your customers. This can help give you a new perspective on the situation, and see if automation is the right move for your company. This also helps keep the dialogue open so that both your employees and customers know what changes will take place.

Keep it simple. This tip can make things so much easier for your customers. Many large companies have an over complicated phone system, where the begin by asking you to press one for English, and continue on asking you to press a million other buttons just to talk to a real person. Your system doesn’t have to be that hard. A couple of options are all you really need. You won’t waste your customers’ time, nor will you annoy them.

Make it easy to reach a real person. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when the automated options don’t match my needs, but it’s nearly impossible to find a way to talk to someone. Don’t make your system like that. Make it an option to reach someone, and make it easy for your customers to find.

Think about your customers. Are your customers tech savvy? Do they do better talking to a real person? Consider who you are dealing with can help you determine if a live chat or a phone system, or both, is best.

Always reassess. As your business grows and changes, so will your customers’ needs. Your customer service should also grow and change. Periodically reassess your automated system; the options you offer, the types of system you offer. Make changes that will benefit your business and your customers.

Automating your business’ customer service can help save you time and money. It makes it easy for customers to get simple answers, saving them time as well. Before you jump in to automation, consider these tips to make your system run smoothly.

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