Use Your Competition’s Website to Your Advantage

If you’ve ever wondered why your competition seems to rank higher in the search engines than you do, then this post is for you. Some businesses just get SEO and online marketing right. If you find your competition is out-weighing you in this department, take a few tips from their strategies to improve your own. Here is what you should be looking at.

Specific words in meta tags and page titles. Take a look at what your competition uses to label their pages and images. If you’re not sure how to do this, hover your cursor on any image or the tab in your browser. You will get an expanded description that will reveal what keywords or phrases they are using to get noticed. While online readers don’t normally pay attention to these words, search engines pick up on them.

What their page URLs look like. Since URLs can be customized, look at how others structure theirs. Some choose to use, while others use Look at what your more successful competitors are using.

How they structure meta descriptions. A meta description is the brief synopsis that appears under the website name and URL in the search engine results. Pay attention to how your competition writes these descriptions. Are they using short, detailed phrases? Longer, enticing ones?

Types, length, frequency of content. Writing good, original content is essential for good SEO. Closely examine your competitions’ content. What types of posts are they writing? How long are they? How often are they posting? Answers to these questions can give you a basic guideline for what works.

Links and more links. Having quality websites linked to your site can help your site standing. Use sites like Open Site Explorer or a backlink checker to determine how many sites are leading back to your competitors’ sites and if they are helping their standings. Also, look for links within their content, and see what they link to. It is other websites in your industry; or maybe they link back to their own posts.

Their social media presence. We all know it pays to have a social media presence. But how you use it can really make the difference. Look at what networks your competition is on, what types of content they share and how they interact with others.

Other advertising methods. Beyond SEO, content and social media, what else types of advertising does your main competition utilize? If they are successful, it means that they are reaching the right types of consumers with their advertising.

While some businesses look at their competition as their enemy, you really should be looking at them for their strategies. If you have any rival businesses that are doing really well, take a closer look at their chosen keywords, content and marketing strategies so you can model your own strategies accordingly.

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