4 Common Social Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Most small businesses are aware that they should be on social media to market their business.
And they’re right. Unfortunately, not all of them know how use social media effectively. Many
small businesses end up making mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here are 4 of the more
common social marketing mistakes that small business often make.

Jumping on every social media network. Yes, it’s important to increase your exposure and be
seen. However, if the people you are trying to attract aren’t on every network, you could just be
wasting your precious time. The best, and most effective, course of action is to find the top sites
your customers spend the most time on and focus your marketing efforts on those.

Using just one marketing technique. While spreading yourself too thin can be a bad thing,
so is putting all your eggs in one marketing basket. You may discover that the majority of your
customers are on Facebook, and decide to spend your time there. The problem with this plan
comes when your customers leave Facebook. What will happen to your business then? Figuring
out your best social media networks is good, but so is branching out to other marketing outlets
like blogging, press releases and email marketing.

Not really knowing what they are doing. Online marketing is a very strategic beast. Jumping
on social networks and sending out posts willy-nilly is not going to boost your business.
Unfortunately, many businesses know they should be marketing online and jump on these tactics
without fully grasping how to use them. Social media is first and foremost a place to be social.
Yes, you are trying to increase your exposure and your online sales, but consumers are savvy.
They are much more likely to spend money where they feel they are valued. Spend time building
relationships before excessively promoting your business.

Not measuring their results. Online marketing is about testing different tactics, measuring
those results and going back and trying again when things don’t work. If your business is going
to be on social networks, you need to know whether or not your efforts are driving traffic back to
your website and helping your sales. Most social media platforms offer some sort of analytics. If
not, Google Analytics is free and easy to set up. You will be able to track what social media sites
give you the most results so you can see what works and what you should abandon.

Small businesses need to be on social media. This is not a surprise. What may come as a surprise
is that many of them are doing it wrong. If your business has jumped into social media marketing
recently, determine if you are committing any of these 4 mistakes. They are actually really
common, but fortunately, they are also easy to fix.

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