Developing a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

If you marketing your business online, you should be doing some content marketing. While not all online businesses know exactly what it is, they have definitely heard at least something about it. Content marketing is basically creating and sharing valuable content that will attract consumers. Your content should be used to educate them and get them to trust you, eventually turning them into buyers. Let’s talk a closer look at how you can develop a winning content marketing strategy.

  1. Figure out your goals. What is it that your business is trying to achieve? Are you looking to make more sales? Are you hoping to increase your e-mail list or your site traffic? Maybe it is even decreasing your customer complaints. The informational pieces you create will contain the right information to direct your readers where you want them to go. End result of your content should be some sort of action from the reader, and that action should coincide with your ultimate goals.
  2. Figure out who, what, when and where. Your goals are they reasons why you will write your content. Now you want to figure out the other W’s. Decide who will be in charge of your content; will you or someone in your company do the writing, or will you outsource? What types of content you will be offering: articles, blog posts, eBooks, etc. You also want to establish your when, the frequency in which you want to release these pieces of content. And finally, where. Where you will be sharing the content to ensure it gets the most coverage.
  3. Reuse and repurpose. The more content you have, the more chances you have of getting your words read. But don’t have to continuously write new articles or posts. There are many ways you can take existing content and create new written pieces. For example, you can split longer pieces into shorter ones or combine shorter was into a longer piece. You can also take existing report or an eBook.
  4. Promote your content. You cannot simply create your content and send it out in the Interweb all on its own. You have to promote it as much as you can. Each person who reads your informative content has a chance of taking your requested action to heart and following through. Share your written content on your blog, your e-mail newsletters and your social media networks.

Content marketing is a powerful business tool. There are many, many readers online, giving you infinite opportunities to get your content, and by extension your business, found. Use these 4 tips to help you develop a successful content marketing strategy for your business.

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