Why You Need to Add Case Studies in Your Marketing Plan

Content has always been a great way to market a small business. There are blog posts, informative articles, press releases, email campaigns. Once type of content that you may not be utilizing, but really should be, is case studies.

Case studies are basically success stories. They are long reports that state a problem and then use content and hard data to illustrate how your product or service helped to solve that problem. They are similar to testimonials, but usually on a more thorough level. Case studies are used to share real stories, attract more customers and boost sales. Here are even more reasons why you need to add case studies to your marketing plan.

  • They demonstrate your expertise. Since case studies count on facts to back up your claims, they can help solidify your stance as an expert in your industry.
  • They give proven examples of your success. More than a simple review or testimonial, a case study can really show a potential customer what you have done for others, and what you can do for them.
  • They bring exposure to your business. Since case studies typically center on a problem that is common among customers in your industry, so it should make sense that the report should be spread around. A well-written, well-documented case study can be passed on in your industry, by other experts no less, bringing extra attention to your business.
  • They can help others. If your customers have these issues, it’s a given that other businesses see their customers facing the same issues. Those businesses can use your report to help their own customers and in turn, helping you.
  • They are a great way to highlight specific benefits. Sometimes, a certain benefit of a product or service can get overlooked by consumers, even when you think it’s staring them straight in the eyes. If you find this is the case for one of your offerings, use a case study to bring that benefit to the surface.
  • They help attract more leads. The consumers who are genuinely interested in your case study are the same people who will become actual paying customers. A good case study tells a story that grabs the reader’s interest and makes them want to know more. How do they find out more? By checking out your product or service, that’s how!

Case studies are one piece of content that you really need to add to your arsenal of marketing material. They can increase your exposure, your sales and your clout.

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