Dealing With Negative Blog Comments

In the wide world of the Internet, you’re not going to please everyone. You’re just not. And if you have a company blog, sometimes people express their displeasure through blog comments. As the blogger and website owner, what are you to do? Should you delete it and pretend it never happened? Or should you do what you can to fix the situation? Here are several different strategies for dealing with negative blog comments.

Strategy 1: Have a comment policy

If you want to discourage negative comments, have a comment policy from the get-go. Set clear rules for what is appropriate for your blog. If you do happen to get a negative comment and delete it, you can point the offender to your comment policy if you experience any backlash for the deletion.

Strategy 2: Moderate your comments

If your website is WordPress hosted, you have the option to moderate comments before they are published. You can get rid of negative comments before they ever see the light of day, automatically place them in a queue if they contain certain words or even block comments from individual IP addresses.

Strategy 3: Ignore the negativity, but respond to real concerns

You can choose to ignore negative comments on your blog, but its good business etiquette to respond to any legit concerns. Real concerns, not those that come from online trolls looking to stir up drama, should be addressed. If necessary, remedy any concerns in private. If it is something that can benefit all your readers and customers, than make the issue and redeeming actions public.

Strategy 4: Bury bad comments

If you do have negative comments that can’t be deleted, or you wish to keep them on your site, burying them with other content can reduce the chances of the comment showing up in a Google search. Publish more posts, guest blog, encourage more positive comments and respond to comments yourself to increase comment numbers. These efforts will help bury any negative comments in the search results.

At some point in time, every popular business blog will experience a negative comment. There are several ways to deal with such negativity and you can choose which is the best tactic for your business.

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