How Technology Can Improve a Small Business

Technology is vital for every small business. It has the power to increase efficiency and expand business operations. It can help businesses keep track of finances, tasks and profit. Some uses of technology may seem foreign and take some adjustment, while others will just come naturally to you. Nevertheless, there are many types of technology that can help improve a small business.

Accounting software.
Even if you have a bookkeeper, it’s good to pay attention to your profits and losses. Being able to check reports any time you want can really help you see how your business is doing, where you are gaining or losing money, and what you need to do to improve finances.

Planning system.
Whether you use something simple like Google Calendar or software like Asana or Podio which let you organize tasks and communicate with others in your team, some sort of calendar is essential. Try a couple different ones out to find out which tool or software has the best features for your business.

Productivity tracking.
Keeping track of your productivity can help you determine which tasks results in profit, and which result in loss. Use time tracking tools to help you figure out how you are spending your time, what tasks are taking up too much time and what needs to be worked on.

Email management.
If you use multiple email accounts in your business, than an email management system can help you manage them easily. Streamlining all your accounts into one place can help you stay organized and on top of all your emails.

Email newsletter management.
Having an email newsletter is a great way to stay in touch your customers, introduce the newest products and deliver company news to the people are interested in your business. Using a service like Get Response or AWeber can help you manage your mailings, easily create newsletters and emails and keep track of your subscribers.

Mobile Internet.
Okay, so almost every smartphone carrying professional has access to the Internet right there in their hand; but not all of them realize how important that is. Having immediate access to email and other business apps (many of the aforementioned technologies have accompanying phone apps). Mobile Internet allows you to email a client important information right away, follow up a crucial conversation immediately after it happens or keep tabs on your business no matter where you are.

In a time where computers seem to rule, it’s important for businesses to be on top of the latest technology. Technology helps businesses keep track of their money, time and email. It helps them stay on top everything and be more efficient.

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