Increase Your Instagram Followers in 5 Easy Steps

People love pictures. Taking them, sharing them, viewing them. Because of this image-loving trend, Instagram is huge. For just about any business that has some sort of image to offer, Instagram can help increase your exposure and even your sales. Once you get on Instagram, you want to reach as many people as you can. Here are 5 steps to follow to quickly increase your followers.

Step #1: Follow others. Just like any other social media network, Instagram is about networking. Follow well-known people in your industry and other influences who seem to have a following. Search for hashtags and keywords to find others posting in your main niche.

Step #2: Post at just the right time. Think about your main audience for a second. Where do they live? Before you start posting on Instagram, consider the time zone of the majority of your audience and what time they would typically check Instagram. Unless you really know your audience, this will take some guesswork and generalization but you can do your best to narrow down the times you should be posting.

Step #3: Share things people relate to. The most popular Instagram accounts tend to have one thing in common: they all post images the majority of their audience can relate to. Images are original, bring people together and entertain all at the same time. Images that people are drawn to are shared the most, which can bring even more attention to your account.

Step #4: Use popular hashtags. Do a Google search to find popular hashtags in your industry. Check Instagram accounts of industry leaders to find out what they are using. Start adding hashtags to all your post. Also, keep an eye out for trending hashtags and use them in a way that fits your image and your industry.

Step #5: Interact with followers. Once you start accumulating followers, you want to keep them. Interact with your followers and respond to their comments. Post questions with your images and comment to keep the conversation going amongst your followers.

With so many people interested in images right now, Instagram has naturally taken off. And Instagram isn’t just for people to socialize. It’s a huge networking and business boosting opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Get on Instagram and follow these 5 steps to easily increase your following.

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