Types of Images to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Images sprinkled into your blog posts are great for breaking up the monotony of text and catching reader’s eyes. But what’s even better then adding images is varying the type of images that you use. Here are six types of images that can really help take your blog posts to the next level.


Stock photos. Stock photos are great because they are easy to find and free to use. The downside to stock photos, they are easy to find and free to use. This means just about any blogger has access to the same photos you do, heightening your chances of using photos that are not unique and possibly overused. If you are going to use stock photos make sure that the images you choose relate to your blog content.


Screenshots. Screenshots give you the opportunity to show your readers what you’re talking about instead of just telling them. Screenshots are you useful when describing a product or talking about a piece of information you saw on the web.


Charts or graphs. If your blog post contains factual data, a chart or graph is a great way to portray that data for your more visually inclined readers. Turning your facts and data into a chart or graph is a great way to help reach all different kinds of readers; those who learn better by reading and also those who learn better by seeing.


Personal photos. If you write a blog post that includes a personal story or something about someone you know, a personal photo is a great addition. Real, raw photos can add depth to your post and help readers relate to you on a personal level.


Infographics. Infographics are becoming widely used in the blogging world. They are a great way to break down pieces of information and data by combining text and images into one easily digestible form. And since they are in image form, they are very easy to share on social media.


Comics. Comics or hand drawn images can add humor into any blog post. Laughter is a powerful response to any blog post, and readers tend to remember posts that made them laugh over those that did not.

Images help blog posts get noticed and shared. Go beyond picking an image for your blog posts; vary the types of images you use. Use stock photos for some posts, create charts for others. Throw in some personal photos or comics to really entertain your audience.

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