Increase Brand Exposure Using Pinterest

hhh … Pinterest. That virtual pinboard of everything online. The beauty in it lies in its convenience and ability to be customized. It allows users to tack anything from a recipe to an informative article.

As of 2013, Pinterest had over 70 million users worldwide. And the number has only grown since then. With its amazing popularity, Pinterest is a great place to market your business and increase your exposure. Here’s where to start.

Have “pin it” buttons on your site. The first thing to do is to make it easy for your current readers and customers to share your stuff. You can also install a “Follow me” button that allows people to follow your Pinterest profile. This is great for letting people know about any new products or services you may offer.

Create boards for your business. Boards are ways to categorize your content, and the content of others, that you think would be helpful to your followers. Create boards that are specific to your industry, but ones that also entertaining. Pin content that is eye-catching, informative and interesting.

Include prices. If you sell any type of product, this is a great tip. Many Pinterest users aren’t just looking for information; they are looking for inspiration of things they can buy. When you pin your products, include a price tag. With Pinterest driving more traffic back to sites than Google+ and YouTube, your business can’t afford not to include prices on your products to drive traffic back to your online store.

Promote, promote, promote! It really pays to promote your Pinterest profile. And it’s really easy to do. Share your pins across your other social media accounts. Pin content that is hot right now for even more shares.

Create a board for your blog posts. Make it easy for your followers to find your blog posts, and find out more about your brand. Make your board even more searchable by including relevant keywords in the name and in the description. Pin every blog post you write, so that followers will always be up-to-date on your latest content.

Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic drivers in social media. It can increase your business and your brand exposure, if you use it right. Follow these tips to increase your exposure, and your sales.

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