Top 3 Blog Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Blogging has become an integral part of doing business online. Having a successful business blog can help increase website traffic, and bring in more sales. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that many business blogs make. They are common mistakes, and fortunately, they are easy to remedy. Here are the top 3 business blog mistakes, and what you can do instead for better results.

Mistake #1: Publishing your best content on your blog

You think of the perfect topic for your audience, write the most convincing piece of copy you have ever written complete with a catchy title and post it on your blog. See what you did wrong?

Unless your business blog gets massive amounts of traffic, it’s not the optimal place to post your best work.

Actually, you should be posting your best pieces on other blogs. Guest posting on blogs with more traffic than yours can bring more traffic back to your site, generate more sales, and gain you more loyal readers.

Mistake #2: Not training readers to be buyers

Since you’re writing a business blog, you want your readers to eventually become buyers, right? From the get go, you want to train your readers to be buyers.

You are already giving them quality content for free, you want to make them work for everything else. This doesn’t have to mean spending money. Your goal is to train them to make some sort of action in order to get something (which is usually free).

If you write an informational eBook, instead of giving it out for free, make readers provide an email address in exchange for it. Once they get that eBook, don’t put it directly in your email. Make them click on a link. Making them work for what they want is an easy way to start training your readers to become buyers.

Mistake #3: Not connecting with readers

You’re building your tribe and training readers to be buyers, so it makes sense to connect with them on a personal level. The easiest way to start connecting is to respond to comments. It shows you care about your readers and encourages engagement.

A connection with your readers leads them to put their trust in you. And if they trust you, they are much more likely to trust the products or services you offer.

If you don’t have that many comments yet, start encouraging them. Have a good commenting system in place, and install a new comment system if necessary. Then start simply asking for them. At the end of blog posts, pose a question or ask what your readers think. Following your post with a simple phrase such as “leave a comment and tell us what you think” really spurs readers to share what they think.

Business blogging is essential part of building a following and getting noticed online. But there are a few comment mistakes than many bloggers make. Don’t be one of them them. Avoid theses common blogging mistakes but making a few easy changes to really make your blog work for you.

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