Marketing in 2015 – What to Focus On

With every year that passes, online marketing changes dramatically. Tactics that worked last year may be obsolete by the time the next year rolls around. For those who market online, it’s really important to stay on top of the hottest trends. Here is what seems to be working now, and what you may want to place focus on in 2015.

Content marketing. Content is still king in the online world, and with Google rolling out more updates that focus on quality, great content is essential. Written content should no longer be crafted to focus around a keyword that is sprinkled in so many times the article no longer makes grammatical sense. Content should be written for the reader in mind, not the keyword bots.

Real-time marketing. During the 2013 Super Bowl, all the lights went out for half an hour. Advertisers jumped on the event and a real-time marketing frenzy began. Brands like Audi, Oreo and Tide all tweeted little quips about the blackout. Audi mentioned the Superdome needed LED lights. Oreo started the “Dunk in the Dark” campaign. Tide tweeted “we can’t get your #blackout but we can get your stains out” taking advantage of the trending blackout hashtag. With so many people discussing real-time events through hashtags, it makes sense to jump in on the action.

Instagram. If your business isn’t on Instagram you need to be. This image based network has taken off, with more and more people joining. It focuses on high-quality, catchy images, so it’s perfect for product based businesses. Not a product based business? You can still use Instagram showing behind the scenes stuff.

Pinterest. Yes, more images. In the last year, Pinterest has been one of the biggest traffic drivers for bloggers and online marketers. It’s unique mix of content, images and socialization is great for generating attention.

YouTube. Seeing a trend here? Visual marketing is going to be huge in 2015. How to videos, glimpses behind the scenes, new product features. All these things make spectacular videos that consumers love to see.

Bing search engine. Google has long been the grand poobah of search engines. Marketers place emphasis on it because it’s the most widely used. But Microsoft’s Bing has its place in the search engine race. According to some stats, Bing will receive about 11% of the market share in 2015. What’s even better, the average cost per click is about 10-24% lower than the price on AdWords. This makes Bing less used by marketers, cheaper when running campaigns, but still highly effective in reaching an audience.

Marketing trends change from year to year, and things that worked just a year ago may not be the way to go the next year. Focus on these trends for 2015 and be ahead of the marketing game.

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