SEO Tactics That No Longer Work

You’ve been diligent in your SEO efforts, and that’s great! But times are changing, especially with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, and there are some SEO tactics that just don’t work as well anymore. Here are some tactics that you should avoid, and what you can do instead.

Stuffing Keywords

Back when keywords and optimization first came into play, pages ranked according to how many times a specific keyword appeared on the page. This, however, led to content that was overstuffed with keywords and wasn’t very high on quality.

Instead of using as many keywords as possible, make sure that your content flows naturally and is of high quality. Of course, you should still use your keyword or key phrases in your copy, but using them as many times as possible is no longer the goal.

Spamming Comments

Commenting on other blogs typically allow you to include a link to your own website. This is a great tactic for getting real people back to your site, but only works if the comment you leave is helpful and not spam. I’m sure you see these spam comments on your own website or blog. Most of them come from bots, automated to get backlinks but never offer anything good for blogs they are commenting on.

Instead, comment on blogs in your own niche and make sure that your comments offer some sort of value. Comments should be longer and more thought out then a simple “great post!” or similar.

Submitting to Search Engines

It used to be important to submit your links to search engines, namely Google. However, with Google’s focus on quality, it is no longer necessary to do the submitting yourself. In fact this may just be a waste of your time if the links you are submitting are not quality material.

Google is really focused on quality and links that appear naturally. Instead of trying to submit your links to search engine directory, start by adding an RSS feed or subscribe to RSS feed to your website. You can also link to your website in places that it really matters, like your social media profiles and posts.

Submitting to Article Directories

Submitting to article directories to have your content all over the web used to work. Now, Google has gotten really smart about duplicate content and all these article sites linking back to your blog or website. Having duplicate content in many cases can actually hurt your ranking because Google sees the content as not original and not valuable.

Instead, write just a few quality articles, each of them different, and submit them to only 2 to 3 article directories. It is okay to have the same topic matter, or even rewrite several versions of the same article. Just make sure that your articles are rewritten by a person and not spun using article spinning software. The latter option will just get you an article that is not well-written and looked down on by Google.

The rules of SEO have changed since its inception. Tactics that used to work back in the day no longer work. With Google constantly changing what it is looking for in websites, it pays to have quality content and quality.

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