Creating a Vision Board For Your Business

A vision board is useful for creating a very real image of your desired results. While the origin of this planning tactic is unknown, it is something that has gained popularity in recent years. Today, vision boards are used by just about anyone that has a goal to achieve. Here is how to create a vision board for your business.

What is a Vision Board?

What a vision board is can vary. It can be very literal, an actual board with images and sayings tacked to it. Or it can be more technologically inclined and be a Pinterest board of inspiration. Choose whichever method works best for you, and more importantly, whichever method will help inspire you. You can choose images of what you want your life or business to be like. Or images that will inspire you to keep working hard. There is no right or wrong to a vision board; it is whatever inspires and creates a vision for each individual person.

Creating a Vision Board

To create a vision board for your business, start with a large post board of Pinterest board dedicated solely to your inspiration. An actual, physical board is ideal since it’s something you can pin up and look at any time you need inspiration. You will also need scissor and glue, magazines, pictures, logos, etc. You can also use stickers, glitter or stencils if you are so inclined.

Start looking through your magazines for pictures, words and phrase that fit your goals. Look for things that will continue to inspire you to do better and reach for your dreams. Arrange them on your board in a collage, probably like you did in art class back in grade school. Once it’s complete, put it up somewhere you can see it, like in your office next to your computer. This is why this method is preferred over a Pinterest board. It can be put up right in your face so you see it daily.

However, if you’re really into the Pinterest method, create your vision board by pinning images, themes, quotes and articles to your board. Make your vision board solely for your vision and goals. A vision board is a literal manifestation of your goals. While used for many things, it’s also a great envisioning tactic for businesses owners. It can help you to see where you want your business to go and what you need to do to get there.

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