Easy Ways to Stay in Touch With Customers

Building a great relationship with your customers doesn’t end once you land the sale. The mark of true customer service extends far beyond that first sale. Staying in touch with your customers is one way to reach out, show you care, and remind them of your business. Here are 5 easy ways for businesses to stay in touch with customers.

Set up Google Alerts for customers. It’s one thing to send periodic emails to your customers, but it’s another to send them something useful. Set up a Google Alert for each client. You can monitor their business, owner name or even their industry or topic of interest. Send an email of congratulations when something big happens or you can send useful tools and information that each business would like. It’s little things that can turn a “thinking of you” email into something personal.

Ask for feedback. We don’t mean the typical “How can we improve?” or “Rate our services” inquiries. We mean going a step further and asking your customers to share their experience, maybe even something they wish they had done or wish they didn’t do. Asking for input, especially input that will be shared with others, shows customers that you appreciate their business and their opinion.

Pay attention to their blogs. You blog and so do your customers. Sign up for blog updates and comment on interesting blog posts that they write. It’s a great way to show you care, and to remind them that you’re there to support them (and hopefully in turn they will continue to support you and your business).

Follow up by phone. If you run your business in such a way where you collect customer phone numbers, take the time to follow up by phone. It’s rarely done in today’s world, and really surprises consumers.

Send snail mail. Perhaps even more unexpected than a phone call is a piece of mail from an online business. But it is still a great way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Send postcards announcing big changes or a big sale.

Staying in touch with customers is a fantastic way to offer great customer service and remind customers of your great products. Use any of these ideas to stay in touch with customers without being overly pushy.

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