Tips for Engaging Your Email Subscribers

Every day, many people subscribe to email lists. Especially those with great freebies. But not everyone who signs up reads emails past that first one. If you find your email open rates are low, try these tips to engage dormant subscribers for even more interaction.

Make all your emails relevant. There’s a reason each person signed up for your list. What is the reason they signed up for yours? Did you offer a free report? Maybe a chance to win something. Whatever it was, it was something each person was interested in. Try to grab their attention again by keeping your emails in the same topic area.

Ask them to update their information. Just asking them to update will give you a good idea of who is truly interested in your emails. You may find some people want to unsubscribe, and that’s okay. Those people are really enticed by what you have to offer anyway.

Offer an incentive. You got their attention by offering an incentive, so get their attention again by offering a new one. Try to keep it on the same topic or similar and make it worth their time to click your email.

Write with a sense of urgency. Write headlines that are clear and concise, but also ones that scream out to be opened. Include an offer with an expiration date or some other sort of deadline so that subscribers see you have an expiring offer.

Include a call to action. It doesn’t even have to be anything big. Simply ask your subscribers to click a link if they want to continue getting emails. It shows that they are reading the emails, and engaged enough to click your link.

Slow down the emails. One last tip: If you are bombarding your subscribers with emails, it could be that they are just getting too many to read them all. Cut back on the number of emails, or take a break for a couple of weeks, and start fresh.

So many readers sign up for email lists, but unfortunately many people stop reading after the first email. Grab subscribers’ attention again by trying any of these tips for increasing engagement.

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