Using Video To Build Your Email List

Video marketing has recently gotten a lot of buzz for being so engaging and effective. Email marketing has long reigned as one of the best ways to market to a qualified audience. So it only makes sense to combine the two. Here are some ways to use videos to build up your email list.

Add links to YouTube descriptions. Every YouTube video gets a description, and they allow outside links. But do not just link to your website or landing page. Make use your of your description. Write a short email pitch to entice viewers to click your link and sign up for your email list. Just make sure to place your link at the top of your description. You will have much more people see if it is above the fold.

Add a link in YouTube videos. Even though you add links in your description, some people may miss them. Because of this, you can add links, called annotations, to your videos. While most go to YouTube channels or related videos, you can point your link to an outside website. Ask viewers to sign up for your mailing list and link to a Subscribe landing page.

Add a pitch at the end of your video. Basically, you want to promote your email sign up anywhere and everywhere in your YouTube videos. At the end of each video, add a short call to action to click your link in your description. So by now you’ve put links in your description, in your video and actually asked your viewers to click those links if they happened to miss the prior two.

Use a video landing page. Video landing pages are extremely effective. The mesh video and sales copy wonderfully. Utilize this tactic to promote your email list. Make a short video about the benefits of signing up for your list and promote your link everywhere.

Add links to your email newsletters. Chances are your newsletters already have some valuable information worth sharing, but they will get shared even more when they have something cool like a video in them. Include a call to action in your video, something like, “if you know someone who would benefit from this video, send it to them.” Make sure you also add a call to action in the email to subscribe to your list for those who were forwarded the email.

Video has climbed the ranks as a marketing method. Email newsletters have long been a proven method. Combine both by adding links and calls to action in your YouTube videos, landing pages and newsletters.

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