How to optimize your Google plus local page

For businesses trying to get ahead in the local market, Google+ Local is a great service that can help boost your exposure and customers. But it takes more than just having a page. To get the most out of your Google+ Local experience, you need to optimize your page for better business. Here’s how.

  1. Make sure you have reviews. Google+ Local is similar to Yelp in that anyone can leave of review for business. Consumers checking sites like these are looking for positive reviews from other people just like them. Make sure you have as many positive reviews as possible by simply asking your loyal customers and those in your Google+ circles if they could leave you a review. Perhaps offer some sort of discount or other incentive for doing so.
  2. Add pictures and videos to your page. The more information you can give consumers, the better. Images or videos of your products and store give consumers another way to see what you have to offer them and offers a more personal experience.
  3. Pick your category strategically. While it may sound like a good idea to take a very broad category, it even better to choose a specific category. Think about it. The broader you go, the more competition you will have in that category making it harder for you to rank high.
  4. Add descriptive words to your business name. While your description will not affect your reviews or your rankings, they can help people find your business. You can use a descriptive word that can help usability such as “downtown.” You can’t, however, use adjectives such as “best” if they are not in your business name.
  5. Utilize the description section. Create a brief but thorough description using primary keywords. Keep this section very short, and make sure that you use keywords in a way that makes sense.

Google+ Local is a place where consumers looking for a local business can read reviews, get recommendations, search for by location and even read Zagat summaries. If you are marketing to your local clientele, it makes sense to have a killer Google+ Local page to attract consumers. Follow these tips to make sure your page is optimized to get the most out of this service.

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