The Power of others talking about you versus yourself talking about you

In order to get more customers, you can spend all day talking yourself up and promoting your business everywhere on the web and locally. But we want to tell you an even a better tactic. It’s about getting more positive reviews for your business. Why is this important? Because more positive reviews equals more customers.

Customer reviews, especially positive customer reviews, have a way of building up your credibility and getting other consumers to trust you. With so many similar businesses out there all advertising and marketing in the same way, is very difficult for consumers to know which one to pick.

In order to help them make this decision they turned to reviews. We’re not talking about reviews on your website. Consumers expect you to put your best reviews on your own site; why would you want to include negative reviews on your own page? No, they turn to online sites such as Google+ Local or Yelp to find out a little bit more about your business. Sites likes these are third party sites and viewed as unbiased reviews written by actual customers. People tend to trust customers right off the bat, much more than they will trust you without testing out your business.

If you need to gather more positive reviews to increase your customer base, here are some tips:

Ask for them. Sounds simple right? Well it is. Ask your loyal customers if they would review your business for specific sites. Make it easy for them by providing links to the review websites.

Offer an incentive. You don’t want to buy positive reviews, but you are asking customers to go online and write up a review so make it worth their while. Offer a small free gift or a discount in return.

Make it known you are on these site. Add links to your website or post a sign in your physical location that tells customers where they can review you. “Find us on Yelp!” or “We’re on Google+ Local” is simple and effective.

Train employees to ask for them. You can easily include a URL on your receipts, and train your employees to point it out to customers. Obviously not everyone will go online and leave a review, but the few that will probably wouldn’t have done so if you never asked.

Marketing your own business is a great way to get attention, but to really land new customers, focus on getting others to talk you up. Positive reviews go a long way and can really boost your sales.

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