Value of knowing about your reputation

With any business, your reputation is all you have. What your customers think of you will have a direct impact on your company’s success. Businesses used to rely solely on word of mouth for good reviews. Nowadays, with the increase of online use, what people are saying about your business online is extremely important. With social media and review sites, there are many avenues for consumers to praise, and criticize, a business.

If your business isn’t monitoring what people are saying about them, it will very difficult for them to know what is working and how to counter any bad reviews. Let’s look at some ways to keep track of your business’s reputation.

Have one go-to person. Assign someone to be the face of your business when it comes to interacting online. This person should be able to dedicate the time it takes to maintain your social networks, interact with consumers and field any customer complaints or inquiries online. Make sure that this person is always “on,” and is able to respond to customers right away. Even with negative comments, responding and problem-solving immediately can help keep your reputation high.

Have social cred. One way to increase your online reputation is by making sure that your online social status is credible. Have great content and use specific keywords to help your site place high in the search engine results. Monitor your social media sites, post interesting updated to increase followers and always interact. Creating a strong, positive online presence will greatly help your online reputation.

Check your reviews. Sites likes Google Local and Yelp make it extremely easy for consumers to get online and review businesses. This can be great for helping you gather great reviews from those who have actually used your business. But another good reason to check your online reviews is because there may be times where you get a negative review. While you may not be able to delete these bad reviews, you can immediately respond to the poster and remedy the situation. Doing so shows not only that you care about what your customers are saying, but that you also care about helping them.

As a business, your online reputation is important. Keep track of what is being said about your business by assigning someone to monitor online channels, build up your online social credibility and always check and respond to reviews.

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