How data providers work and why Google Bing and Yahoo use them

If you’ve ever Googled your business and found some wrong or old information, there’s a reason for that. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rely on data providers to help supply their information.

What Exactly Are Data Providers?

Data providers are just that, they provide data. They build their businesses by compiling data, typically about consumers. The data is generally put into 2 different categories, demographic information and behavioral information.

Information is gathered from other data sources such as credit card companies, phone records, retail records, utility records, registrations and even printed yellow pages directories.

Why Search Engines Use Them

Search engines already track your search activity and will use that information to build a profile about you. This allows them to have information on what types of products you are looking for, your spending habits and other personal information about you.

So why do they need access to even more information from data providers? There are actually different reasons for it, and the information they receive can be used in a number of ways.

Consumers’ data is used to prefill profiles like Google Local. This is why you may sometimes find erroneous or old data in your profile; good reason to claim and check you Google page.

Google will also use your information across all its services, with the goal of making it easier to share things with others. They use your info to learn more about you, to see your online habits to make your experience as personal as possible. This includes the ads they show you. If you’ve ever noticed an ad on a website for a product that you viewed an hour or a day ago, it’s not just a coincidence. Google remembers your browsing history and other data, and customizes ads specifically for you.

The info that comes from search engines and data providers can also be used by businesses to analyze trends and customize their products to fit the masses.

Your information is never private on the Internet. Search engines and data providers are always collecting information about your location, demographic and online activity. This information can be used in a number of ways, some that are beneficial to you and your business.

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