The importance of a Google plus local page to your small business marketing strategy

We’ve told you how online reviews are the new word of mouth for businesses. More and more consumers flock to online review sites before patronizing any type of local business. Online reviews help prove your credibility and can help sway potential customers to check out your business. Because of this, having a Google Local page is going to be extremely important for any small business marketing strategy. Here is why.


Google is still king. No matter how many changes it goes through, Google remains the most used search engine. Having an up-to-date Google Local page will help your small business get found, and really help drive traffic back to your website and to your store.

A Local page will get you to the top of search results. Yes, Google will push its own pages first. So it should be no surprise that active Google Local pages will pop up high on the search results. Besides word of mouth, this will bring you some great organic traffic.

It’s social. Besides being a business listing site, Google Local is also social. It’s a place to recommend businesses to your circles and leave reviews for others to see. Like Twitter and Facebook, Google Local reviews have become a trusted source when looking for recommendations.

It combines all your Google pages. Google will expertly combine all your pages into one account. Your Google Local page will be in sync with our Google Plus Business page, Google Maps, YouTube, Google search. This is a great way to provide a comprehensive source for online searchers to really find out about your business. Through just one search, they can find out about your business, your contact info, read reviews and more.

If your small business isn’t utilizing your Google Plus Local page, it’s time to get started. Having a page, complete with correct contact information, images and reviews, will help bring you customers and sales. It should be an important aspect of a well-rounded online marketing strategy.

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  1. Erik Arndt Erik Arndt

    BizIQ is constantly increasing search impressions for our customers through Google+ optimizations. This new insight data also tells us specifically what is being viewed on their page and even tells us how many people completed a click-to-call when viewing the page from a smartphone. It’s becoming a great way to produce call conversion information without using a tracking phone number that confuses search engines.

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