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It’s no secret that an engaging presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ is important for the online identity of any business, small or large. Consumers interact with businesses in a variety of ways on social media. From the active business­-to­-busines community available on LinkedIn, to the rapid fire, news style updates of Twitter, and the close knit community of brand ambassadors on Facebook, your potential customers not only enjoy your social presence, they expect it But did you know that some of these platforms have the ability to directly impact your company’s presence in the search engine results pages?

Your potential customers not only enjoy your #SocialMedia presence, they expect it.

Tweet: Your potential customers not only enjoy your #SocialMedia presence, they expect it. via @ebiziq

Twitter is here to stay, and it should not be underestimated as a valuable tool for marketing your brand. This spring, it was announced that following a deal between the two internet giants, Google would now be indexing Twitter content in its search results. Some say this was due to Google’s desire to offer more real time content to is users, but whatever the reason, this means that your tweets could potentially wind up on Google’s search results page. It still remains to be seen exactly how and when these results will be displayed, but the value of Twitter for boosting SEO as well as generating increased brand awareness cannot be denied. This is a great new change that could benefit small business owners everywhere. On the down side, Twitter can be time consuming, requiring a much higher volume of content than other social platforms, making it at times impractical for the busy small business owner.

Don’t have the time to maintain an active presence on Twitter? Another popular social media powerhouse may also give you the SEO boost your brand needs. A bonus? It’s also one of your customer’s favorite sources for finding information on local businesses. We’re talking about Google+. The posts you make, or in the case of BizIQ customers, the posts that your account manager makes for you, are also indexed in Google’s search results. We’ve talked about this before here on IQNews. It’s no surprise that Google would prioritize content shared on its own platform above others. Even better, your Google+ page is easy for your customers to find. In fact, if they are searching for a business like yours in your geographic area and you are currently ranking in the local pack on Google Maps results, chances are they’re already interacting with your Google+ page in some way. Don’t ignore your Google local listing, as it doubles as a social media profile for sharing relevant information on your business, your industry, or your town. Share just about anything that your target audience might find interesting, but don’t forget to follow the unofficial rules of social media etiquette.

Whatever your reason for using social media, whether for increasing brand awareness among your audience, community building, or to drive sales; social’s impact on SEO should not be ignored. Who knows? That next tweet or Google+ post you share may just wind up on Google.

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