The Website Stats Your Business Should Be Tracking

Google Analytics can tell you a lot about your business website. By watching certain stats, you can see if your pages are converting, how well your site is doing or determine if you need to make some changes. Here are 6 website stats that you should be tracking.

Number of visitors. This one is a given, but it’s important to list. Knowing how many people are coming to your site will tell you how well your traffic-generating efforts are working.

Number of unique visitors. A little different from the total number of visitors, this statistic will tell you how many new visitors come to your business website. It does not take into account your returning visitors like the last number does.

Bounce rate. This number refers to how many people leave your site after viewing a single page. If your bounce rate is high, this tells you that something on your site is not working well for visitors. For some reason, they get to your website and quickly leave. Tweak your pages and content until you lower this number.

Traffic sources. This will tell you exactly where your traffic is coming from. This is especially important if you have numerous marketing campaigns running at once: link building, email marketing, social media for example. It will also tell you how much traffic is coming from organic searches and the search engines. Watching these stats will help you determine which campaigns are working best to drive traffic to your website.

User demographics. These stats will tell you about the visitors that come to your site. It will give you information about their location, gender, age and other important facts. Why is this important to know? This data will help you understand your website visitors and your customers, allowing you to better focus your marketing efforts to meet the needs of your immediate audience.

Conversion rate. This rate can tell you how well your marketing efforts or sales pages are doing. Whether your goal is to gather email addresses or make sales, this number will tell you how well your website is converting. It will also help you know which activities on your site results in the most conversions, letting you focus on what works best.

Google Analytics is a great tool for monitoring your business website. By tracking certain statistics, you can keep tabs on how well your marketing and traffic-generating tactics are doing.

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