What Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your Business

What is the main goal of all your online marketing?

To direct traffic to your business website, that’s what.

By using Google Analytics, you can use that traffic to learn about your business: what marketing channels your traffic is coming from, what type of customers are visiting your site, what pages on your site are the most engaging. Here is what Google Analytics can tell you about your business, and what you can do with this information.

Where your traffic comes from. This is the most common analytic that website owners track. But it’s how they use it that’s important. Use this data to determine what drives visitors to your website. Track organic traffic sources like online searches and SEO campaigns. You can also use this information to tell you how much of your traffic is coming from mobile sources, which will give you an idea of how well your website is optimized for mobile viewing.

What customers people to your site. By analyzing the keywords that drive the most traffic to your business website, you’ll be able to gauge your SEO efforts. Use these numbers to manage your keyword campaigns to help customers find you better.

What web browser your visitors use. This analytic will tell you exactly what type of browser your website viewers use. Why is this important? There may be certain elements of your website that is not compatible with certain browsers. If a huge chunk of your visitors are using these incompatible browsers your business will benefit from making the necessary changes.

In addition, if your visitors use standard browsers such as Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari, you may want to make your website easy to navigate and user-friendly. Visitors who favor newer, more upgraded browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox tends to be a bit more tech savvy and your website elements should reflect those personalities.

What pages your visitors are looking at. These statistics will tell you which pages on your site are the most popular, and which readers bounce from the most. Use this information to determine which pages to promote or use as backlinks, and which pages to tweak or lose completely.

How many visitors leave quickly. Your bounce rate is determined by the number of people that make it to your site and then quickly leave. Whether these people got there by mistake or were completely uninterested when they got there, you may never know. But what you do know is that your site lacks lasting power. Make changes to your landing pages, links or whatever else you think could help viewers to stick around and explore your website more – leading to more business.

You spend time and even money on online marketing. Makes sure those efforts are worth it by tracking certain analytics. By knowing data like where your viewers are coming from and what drives them there, you can alter your website and marketing campaigns so they are even more effective.

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