How to Focus Your Local SEO Efforts

Local SEO. It can consist of so many different things. There are business pages, search engines, maps, reviews, directories. You may be wondering where to start.

While doing all of the above listed in this post will get you far, here is where you should start to really focus your local SEO efforts. Here’s a hint: You should start the same places consumers start when they search for a local business.

Directory listings. This is a great place to start for businesses because it’s an easy place for consumers to start. It’s easy to get your business listed; in fact, it’s pretty much automatic. What’s not always easy is making sure the information is correct. Claim your business and make sure all the contact information is current. Directories sometimes pull info from around the web, and may list an old number or an incorrect address. If you find wrong information, follow these steps to correct it.

Social media. Another place consumers start their searches, social media is also important for your local SEO. To use social media to your advantage, make sure your pages are completely set up. You should have an eye-catching image, all your contact information and a description of your business that uses your target keyword and city. Doing this will help people find you, but you should also interact on social media. Engage your followers in conversation and respond to any questions or comments. Show consumers you care about them; it makes you relatable and likeable.

Reviews. That’s right … one more thing consumers look for. Once consumers find the name and location of a business they’d like to patronize, the next thing they’re going to do is look for reviews. With sites like Google My Business and Yelp featuring reviews, consumers can’t afford not to read reviews. Reviews give them a clear picture of a business from others who have been there and done that. You can boost your online reviews by simply asking for them. Have your cashiers for them at checkout. Post signs that state you have a profile on Yelp. You may also consider offering an incentive like a small freebie or coupon in exchange for a review. A little asking can go a long way.

If local SEO seems overwhelming, narrow down your efforts and start with these three things. They happen to be where consumers start when they look for a business, so it only makes sense to start your campaign here as well.

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