Optimizing Your Old Blog Content

Continuing to update your blog is necessary for SEO. But it’s also a good idea to go back and optimize your old content every now and then. Even if your content is ranking just fine, it could still be outdated and could use a refresher. Here is what you need to know about optimizing your old blog content.

Updating Old Content

Don’t change the URL. Updating your content doesn’t mean creating an entirely new page, especially if it’s been linked to and is ranking well.

Do some research. Keywords that were ranking well when you wrote the piece may not be as effective now. Go back and do some keyword research to make sure that your page is optimized for the best ranking keywords.

Update your call to action. Is your call-to-action not converting as well as it used to? If things have slowed down on a page, it’s time to update. Maybe have a new offer, product or service that new readers will be interested in.

Breathe new life into it. Another thing you can do is start promoting old posts again. It doesn’t matter how old the post is; if the topic is evergreen, it should do well. Schedule it to be tweeted, post it to your Facebook, include it in your next email.

When You Should Just Get Rid of It

Most old content, especially evergreen topics, can easily be updated and re-optimized. However, there are some posts that can just go. These include:

  • Posts on old products or services that your business no longer offers
  • Posts about employees that are no longer employed in your business
  • Blog posts that are just too similar, possibly hurting your page rankings
  • Posts that contain old job listings

To get rid of these old pages and still keep the current ranking, a 301 redirect code will be your best friend. A 301 redirect basically tells Google that a page has been moved permanently. When Google sees this page, they take the SEO ranking from the first page, and move it to your new one.

Point any old products or services to new ones, or old employee pages to current ones with that position.

You may also choose to just change your text from something outdated to a custom message. Let readers know that the product is old, the position is filled, etc., and add links to the current model or new job openings.

If your business blog has been around for a while, chances are you have some old content. Go back and re-optimize that content for better SEO and more traffic.

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