Want to Have a Successful Local SEO Campaign? Do These Things

Local business marketing isn’t only about local commercials and newspaper ads.

For local businesses, it’s extremely important to focus on online marketing. Why? Because even though your customer base is all in your neighborhood, most of them are searching online to find you.

Online marketing, and especially local SEO, will help get your local business ahead. Here are 9 tips to help you run a successful local SEO campaign.

#1 Claim your Google My Business page

When it comes to local SEO, your Google My Business page is of the utmost importance. It will help you get found through searches, increasing your chances of landing more customers. Go here to add or claim your local business, and then to verify it. Once you have verified your business, add your contact information and business description.

#2 Include a Google map on your website

Embedding a map on your business website not only helps customers find your business, it also helps Google find it. A Google map sends the search engine the most accurate information about your business.

#3 Include your location in your title

By adding your city and state, you can make sure your site is optimized for your local audience. Include your location in your descriptions and meta fields as well.

#4 Make location-specific pages

If your business has more than one location, create separate pages for each location. This way, anyone looking for your business in a specific area will find the right landing page.

#5 Make your website mobile-friendly

With Google penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile sites, you can’t afford not to have a responsive or mobile-friendly site. Check your site to make sure it is displaying correctly on mobile screens. If it is not, take the necessary steps to fix it.

#6 Get listed on local directories

There are many local directories that you can get listed on to help local customers find you. Look to Superpages, Yelp and Citysquares to start.

#7 Get online reviews

Now that your business is listed on sites like Google and Yelp, it’s important that you add some positive reviews. Start by asking your current customers to leave a review for you to fill out your pages.

#8 Create a business page on Facebook

Today’s shoppers turn to both local directories and social media when looking for businesses and customer reviews. A business page on Facebook provides another way for local customers to find you.

#9 Post blog content regularly

Blog content that is optimized for your most popular keywords can help you rank higher in the search engine results. Also, periodically updating your website or blog shows Google that your site is active, forcing them to pay attention to it.

In order to market your local business, it’s important to turn to the Internet. Customers are searching more online, even for businesses right in their neighborhood. To really get your name out there, you need to make sure your website and local pages are optimized. Use these 9 tips to help you run a successful local SEO campaign.

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