4 Ways to Boost Your Market Research Tactics

Unless you know what your customers want, you can’t begin to create products and services that will sell.

Luckily, figuring out what they really want is easier than you think.

By conducting market research, you can get a better picture of what new products or services to create or how to improve inconsistent products and services. The results of your market research can be used to create a new business plan will measure the success of the current plan. But research tactics like surveys and questionnaires have been done to death. Instead, try one of these methods to find new answers and boost your researching tactics.

Online forms

With everything on the Internet today, it makes sense to take your market researching to the web. Tools like Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and Constant Contact make it easy to collect data from many people. Share your forms on your website, your email newsletters and social media to help them get the most exposure possible.

Split Testing

Gather information from your customers without even asking them a thing! Gauge customer reactions by altering prices, descriptions, landing pages, even colors on your website. A tool like Optimizely offers split testing options to help you figure out what your customers like best. If you sell digital products, you want to split test your landing pages to figure out what converts the best. Change up the text, web forms and calls to actions every now and then.

4 Ways to Boost Your Market Research Tactics
Focus groups

Offering your product or service to a small group of beta testers can provide you with direct opinions and feedback to what people are thinking. If you don’t have a physical product, you can easily send out digital products to testers and collect feedback online. Use group chat options like Google Hangouts or GotoMeeting to organize all your participants for a live group session.

Social media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter let you conduct research by utilizing polls in your posts. You may even want to go a step further and conduct several ad campaigns, each customized to different demographics, interests, etc. to see what works best.

Conducting market research is still one of the best ways to find out what your customers really want. Instead of going traditional and using paper surveys and questionnaires, try one of these research methods.

What market research techniques have worked for your business? Tell us in the comments below.

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