4 Reasons Internet Marketing Matters for Small Business

All small businesses, whether brick and mortar or eCommerce, need to have an online presence.


Because all consumers are online. They are checking review sites and listening on social media. Regardless if you do business online or not, every small business needs internet marketing. Here’s why.

  • Everyone Else is Online

As mentioned, everyone is online these days – both small business and consumers. If you are not online, your business is missing out. Your competitors will be online, and they will get found more when consumers turn to the Internet to look for a business.

  • Today’s Consumers Are Different

Today’s shoppers are different. More savvy. They want information and they want it now. By having a website, you are able to get your business in front of people that matter. By using content, you are able to get information in front of consumers, giving them what they want and positioning yourself as an expert.

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  • Mobility Matters

Not only should your small business be online, your site should also be on mobile too. Although many people still use computers, more and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to search online. This is why you need to not just be in the search engines but have your site be mobile-friendly as well. Another reason to be mobile-friendly? Google now penalizes sites that are not.

  • It’s a Social World

Besides having a quality website for people to find your small business, you need a social media presence too. This means having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Having all of these social media pages will boost you in the search engines and bring more traffic your way.

Never has internet marketing been so important for small businesses. You need a website, a social media presence, and to be able to be found on mobile because everyone is online these days. Consumers — your customers — get online at home and they get online when they are out using their mobile phones. Don’t let your business get left behind.

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