Choosing an Internet Marketing Service —The Essential Checklist


When you are developing your online advertising strategy, you will want to make sure you are getting the most from your Internet marketing company. Most companies will likely offer several different options to promote your business, and you will want to make sure you are getting a complete package for your budget. These tips can guide you when you are looking to work with an Internet marketing company for your business’ online advertising campaign:

  • Optimized website: Look for an Internet marketing company that offers you a fully optimized website. Optimization will ensure you are coming up in search engine results.
  • Domain name: Your online advertising strategy should include a custom domain name that you own. This is how people will find you, and it should be easy for them to remember.
  • Phone number and maps: All your business phone numbers should be clickable, allowing users one-click access to get a hold of you. The same should be true of maps that are embedded into your small business website. You want your Internet marketing company to make your map sizable and clickable so your customers can find you in relation to their own location.
  • Local keywords: Using local keywords will help customers who are searching for products and services in your area to be able to find you. Local keywords will bring your business up in search engine results for that area, getting the right customers to you faster. A good Internet marketing company can integrate this into your website.
  • Feedback forms: By using feedback forms on your website, customers can interact with you about your business’ products and services. They can ask you questions and rate your products and services, as well.

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  • Professionally written content: The content on your website should be professionally written so it will be engaging and free of grammatical errors. A good Internet marketing service will be able to supply you with content for your website that is informative and useful for your customers.
  • Lead capture forms: Part of your online advertising program should focus on generating leads. By adding lead capture forms, you can get useful data on people who could be potential customers, which in turn allows you to follow up with them to make a sale happen.
  • Links to social media: Your website should include links to all your social media sites so customers can find your business on the sites they use most often. This will keep them connected to you and informed of any company announcements you may make.
  • Listings: Your Internet marketing company should provide you with directory listings on other websites. This is another way for customers to find you and will increase your presence on search engines, as they index these links from other sites to your business’ website.
  • Reporting: As part of your website development, you will want to make sure you have access to the analytics of your website. This will tell you valuable information such as who visited your website and where they came from. Look for an online advertising package that includes these features.

When you are developing your business’ online advertising program, it can be difficult to know which internet marketing service to choose. Evaluate all the options carefully, remembering to take a close look at each company’s own online reputation, and choose a package that is inclusive and right for your needs and goals. 

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