Does a Website Need to be Mobile Friendly?

With almost everyone you know having a mobile device and over 20 percent of Google searches being performed on them, you will want your small business’ website to incorporate mobile friendly design features. Mobile users are using their mobile devices to find businesses, make purchases and get information on a business’ services.

In order to reach this target market, you will want to create a responsive website design, one that allows mobile users to easily view and navigate your webpage as well as make purchases, contact you and locate you.

Responsive website design

A responsive website design gives the user of a mobile device the best experience possible when navigating and reading your small business’ website. It enhances navigation to make it simple for the mobile user to make selections and page through your small business website design. Elaborate design elements are simplified for easier viewing and loading.

Mobile friendly website design uses a flexible layout that adapts to the screen it is being viewed on. The responsive website design adjusts to screen size as well as orientation, providing the optimal display of your small business website design no matter how or on what device it is viewed.

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For responsive website design, the content is laid out so readers can easily view it on their mobile device. Phone numbers are made clickable so a user can call you with one click of their phone. Location can be shown with an embedded map that allows the user to scroll, swipe and reposition. These maps allow the user to find your business quickly and will help with your local search engine optimization (SEO).

Increasing your revenue with mobile friendly website design

With five billion mobile phone users out there, you will want to cater your small business website design to this audience. If your website doesn’t use a mobile friendly website design, users will become frustrated when viewing it from their mobile device, and there is a 61 percent chance they will immediately leave your website and go to another, which could most likely be that of your competitor.

When users are having a positive experience with your responsive website design, they are 67 percent more likely to buy a product or service from your company. You can make this even easier for them with responsive forms that they can easily fill out and use to make a purchase.

With a responsive website design, the traffic to your small business website will increase every month, so it is important to get a strategy together that incorporates a mobile friendly website design. This will also help to increase your small business revenue.

Using a mobile friendly website design will engage mobile users and have them interact with your small business webpage on a regular basis. BizIQ can help you create a responsive website design that is specifically optimized for mobile device users. We specialize in local SEO and can ensure your business appears in map results, allowing customers to find your small business more easily.

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