Facebook Profiles vs. Facebook Business Pages – What’s the Difference?


Facebook has become a prominent marketing platform for countless small businesses. But when you are deciding to promote your business on Facebook, you will want to make sure you have created the proper type of page. Businesses should use a Facebook business page rather than a profile page. As their names indicate, profile pages are for individuals, while business pages are for businesses. You will need a profile page to create a business page, but once you get started, it will be a very simple site for you to maintain.

Building a Facebook business page

A Facebook business page represents a company or an organization. You can promote special events or contests and provide information about your business and its products and services. If you are using a profile page to promote your business, you are actually in violation of Facebook’s terms of service and run the risk of your page being shut down or deleted.

Facebook business pages are also ranked by Google, allowing your business page to come up in keyword searches. This offers another opportunity to be found by customers looking for your business’ products and services.

There is also no limit to the number of Facebook business pages you can have. While personal profile pages are tied to one person, a business page can be created for several different parts of your business, allowing you to promote multiple aspects of your company through Facebook.

Benefits of a Facebook business page

There are many benefits to having a business page on Facebook. Unlike a profile page, people can interact with your page without having to deal with friend requests. They are free to like your page, which will allow your posts to appear in their feed. This keeps them engaged with your business and prevents them from forgetting about you later. People are more likely to like a page that interests them than to send a friend request, allowing your business to build a following quickly.

Not having a business page on Facebook can send the possibly erroneous message to your customers that you are out of touch with technology. A business page can build trust with customers and provide them with valuable information about your business and the products and services you offer.

Another benefit to having a Facebook business page is the ability to look at the analytics of your page. You can track and measure the results of your social media efforts. You can improve your results with Facebook ads and contests. This will allow you to directly engage with your customers as well as build a new customer base.

When you are looking for new ways to promote your business, be sure to create a Facebook business page. You will be able to market your business’ products and services and make your customers aware of any announcements about your business that may be relevant to their interests. This is a great way to build your customer base as people like your page, growing your following. Thanks to its ability to provide results, a business page on Facebook can be a very effective marketing tool for your small business.

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