How Facebook Friday Can Help Your Small Business Grow It’s Following

Everyone looks forward to Friday—it’s the start of relaxation and the gateway to the weekend! And even though most people are still at work on Friday, there’s not always a lot of expectations when it comes to getting work done. Instead, more people are casually browsing the Internet, skipping out of work early or counting the hours until 5pm by keeping themselves entertained. It’s a phenomenon that’s dubbed after the biggest “time waster” of them all: Facebook Friday. 

shutterstock_288031481Facebook Friday is more than just an excuse for people to scroll through their newsfeed while they wait for the weekend to arrive: it’s also the prime time of the week for brands to capitalize on strategic social media marketing. With more people glued to Facebook all afternoon and evening, small businesses are given more potential face time with the local residents who might become their customers.

Getting involved in Facebook Friday

Any business has the opportunity to get in on the action when it comes to Facebook Friday—all it takes is some forethought on how to get people to pay attention to your business’ social profile. Because we’re talking about social media, you don’t need a huge marketing budget or flashy ad campaign to get people interested. Instead, take a look at some social media tips and simple Facebook Friday ideas that have proven to be hugely successful for small businesses:

  • Caption contests are always a crowd favorite! Find or take a funny picture and let your audience caption it. Likes and shares abound from these types of posts.
  • “Would you rather” posts are another crowd favorite, and people aren’t shy about chiming in with their preferences. For added twists, give two worst-case scenarios or two best-case scenarios and watch people debate them excitedly!
  • Mind games and brain puzzles are huge on Fridays, when people are already trying to kill time. A simple word search, geometric puzzle or optical illusion will nab someone’s attention with ease.
  • Create your own recurring theme for Friday posts that garners engagement from customers. Ask a weekly question, post a weekly photo series or share a Friday fun fact—anything that gets people into the habit of visiting your profile or interacting with your posts in their newsfeed each Friday.

Another great tip is to pair any of the above promotions with a #FBFriday or #FacebookFriday hashtag, to increase exposure and let everyone know you’re familiar with the social platform you’re using.

Also, remember, if you’re going to do a contest, giveaway or promotion, Friday is the day to announce it! With more people online Friday and Saturday, you’ll give your promo a huge boost in attention by planning a Friday launch day.


Why participate in Facebook Friday?

For businesses that aren’t too active on social media or don’t see the point, Facebook Friday provides a great example of why social media marketing is so important for local small businesses. Not only is your business getting face time with prospective customers, it’s giving them a reason to remember your name! Consider this example:

Suzie is planning to have her AC unit inspected and tested this weekend, to stay ahead of yearly maintenance. While at work on Friday, she’s killing time on Facebook and sees a post about AC Maintenance from a local HVAC company she follows, reminding people to service their AC units. As a bonus, they’re offering a 10% discount to Facebook followers in honor of #FacebookFriday! She reads the neat infographic they post and, motivated by the extra incentive, decides to follow their profile and give them a quick call to set up an appointment. 

In the example above, the HVAC company in question just gained a passive sale through Facebook—a sale that they might not have made otherwise! Because they invested in Facebook Friday as a social media tip, they were able to reach a customer proactively, without much effort invested!

Social media conversions are easy to track as well! Just ask your customers how they heard about you or check for their names as “likes” and “comments” on your Facebook Friday posts to see if the two align.

Is your business taking full advantage of Facebook Fridays? If not, it’s time to start! Engaging with people on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to build your brand!

About Lexi St. Laurent

Lexi joined BizIQ in March of 2015 and works directly with BizIQ customers as a Senior Account Manager. She brings over eight years of experience in social media, content marketing, and community management to the team, and has a passion for helping small businesses grow through online marketing.

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